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a good friend and i have been trying to motivate younger and newer guys into armour (mostly so we can beat up on them.

the process has been to make body armour, at the very least. we still need leg/arm/neck protection that is generic enough, and helms can be a bit problematic, but *shrug* some armour is better than none.

anyhoo, Bill and i have been dumpster diving and collected a whole bunch of scrap stainless steel, which we then went round to another friends workshop, and cut into pieces, grinded the edges nice, and drilled all the holes.

i scrounged some canvas and got another group of guys to help me cut out the basic shape.

the box of plates ready to be put together below:

i turned up to arrowsreach traing and took over the hall. i spread out 5 suits and layed the paltes onto the canvas, and roped others into doting helping assemble all the pieces. some just stood around and watched :)

below is a pick of the old version of the coat of plates we copied. it is a very comfortable set of armour, which is why we copied it. it's also reaasonably protective, and most importantly, conforms to 'the rules'.

the hall was reasonbly active last night, with fighters and the armouring happening it ran well. i managed to get others involved in the process so i could jump into armour and have a hit myself, then i dived back into the armouring again. we ended the evening with 3 fully completed sets, and another 2, 2/3 and 3/4 done. a great nights effort!

as always there is always a bit too much excitment for some ppl. who says armour isn't comfortable? 'B' below feel asleep in all the noise and racket of the evening, and i couldn't resit the picture.

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