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glass fusing


I had a bit of a go at using millefliore cane to slump into a bowl.

startign with different shaped stainless steel bits, i carefully chose the best shape.  and painted it with kiln wash.
this tricky part makes the stainless steel not stick to the glass.


then i arranged the canes inside the bowls. they were then jammed into the kiln and let ramp up to 780ish (on my scale ;) where they slumped very quickly into puddles and i got the shape i wanted.   will have to be careful with this next time. i am trying to achieve the correct balance between 'runny' and 'melted' the results are fun anyway!

this rare action shot, shows the kiln at about 600 degrees c.  FUN!

the final, befopre and after shots. making htee thigns have walls is going to be interesting. 


Tags: glass fusing
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