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had a  go at copperfoiling *grin* i have discovered the tricky part is cutting the glass...

I dragged my butt to the glass craft store, after having spent 20 minutes watch the local stained glass group. i told THEM i wanted to check out their group. i lied, and simply asked a bunch of questions about doing leadlighting and copperfoiling ;)

craft sponge sui at work.

so getting all the stuff home i had 3 x sheet of 60% off glass,  an $8 cutting tool, and a bronze grasshopper stainedglass thingo.

1st i changed the wing design.

theni spent the next MANY hours being frusted with cutting and snding. i had assuemd this was the easy part. infact this is the tricky end of the whole process.

then i thought "that wings span is groovy, but the co9lours are horrid. why can't i use the same colour ?"
so the below wingspan got recut to suit what glass i had.

the below wings are what i got out out this process. i have run a sharpening stone over the edges.

segue:  i once watched 'patrol boat' as a kid. it was an aussie sitcom about some guys on an patrol boat around the coastal waters of autralia. it was bright sunny, sometimes fast paced, but often not. very 'star trekky' in the feel of the story. the thing i remember most is one of the characters being described as 'his idea of cooking is passing a pie over a warm stove, and covering it in sauce!' and him therefore not being put on cookign duties. the WEIRD thign is, this same character also went on (in another episode) to try to cook an egg on the deck of a patrol boat, when it got 'that hot' during one episode. the indulgence in his quixotic and gently fun ideas, by his fellow boatmates always gave me hope in this lifetime.

so anyway - the edges are roughly cut and then sanded

covering in thin copperfoil is then done. around the edges. this stuff is cheting. it's a foil with a taped backing. u put it onto the glass and fold over the edges. tsk. can they make this any easier than cut'n'paste?

solder is then applied, with a hearty does of flux. i then set about thinking about more wings.

but instead i thought i would try soldering it to the main body. this tuened out to be a good idea nd i think the extra wing would be over kill.

cofee cup inshot for size.

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