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glass: kiln forming/slumping

been seriously thinking more about further glass endevours. i want to run out and try everything right now, however i know that would no pay off *grin*

saw some lead lighting guys at fighter practice last night, so that's gone into the old breadbasket, with full thining cap on.  meanwhile (back at the ranch) as i had planned to be in the studio all day today, i fired up th ekiln and got some fusing of old glass together.

i want to make some sort of roman glass bowl outa cane segments, like these, that i took fotos of in the Ashmolean museum:


firing up the kiln envolves me re-calabrating the thing, so here's where i get techinical.

i laid out some canes of older glass (morretti):

i wanted to see a couple of things happen here.

1) how hot it is when started to slump together (turns out it's around the '600' degree mark)
2) how hot before it fused flat (around the '720' mark)

i got this kewl shape from this:

the holes are from bead release still on the glass, and the whole lot will clean up nicely with some water.

kinda kewl.

standby for more on this front.

- also miesje took this of me today whilst i was fecking with other things:

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