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Hobby of the month
My crap
12th-Nov-2005 01:06 am
woah. been a big month.

biggest news is i spent a bit of time (in the last few days) with ALex the potter refining some pottery technique. then on the way home from canberra, i stopped in at Peter Crisp's galleries.

i was thought i was overwhelled with his studio and glass work. until he refered me to another peter 'up the road'. this 2nd guy turns out to be a retired glass intruments maker, and after spending 3 hrs with him i brought home pyrex glass to blow over the lamp.

the trial run for the blowing is messy and it is going to be a much ahrder process than learning to bead, but i want a nice finished piece so that i can not only use it, but for my portfolio.

i am super keen to be able to call myself an 'artist' and am attempting to build stock of simple earings and recreation beads (plus commissions) for xmas and future. time to put lots of effort into boring practical salible items.
13th-Nov-2005 02:17 pm (UTC)
i think you can call yourself "an artist". based on things of yours that i've worn, people have commissioned you to make some for them. that's an artist, surely...
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