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bee assistance

I have forwarded the following email to the supposed common list of sca Victoria. I am intrigued to see how far this will go (ie get forwarded and responded to)

Unto All,

*cough cough*

I have somewhat of a problem. I have too many bees.

I know some of you harken to make the lowly Art and Craft practitioners of this Land all the greater, and here do I Lord Sui Zo, offer YOU the opportunity to help a struggling beo-ceorl:

"The House a Hive for Sui's A'n'S project"

You can be the proud landlord to 'your own hive' in one easy email. I know this sounds like a an offer to share endless and tasty honey, practically flowing from the tap on the back of 'your own hive', but you'd be a fool not to partake in this offer of a fully tended and maintained hive of boundless joy, that only Sui's Beekeeping Services can provide!

Please send a query email to for further details.
Please distribute freely but offer valid for a limited time only.
Some participation requirements.
Inquiries only welcome.




applies to you guys also

Tags: assitance, beekeeping
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