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My crap
bead furnance 
4th-Oct-2005 02:47 pm

some days it's great, and some days it all turns to crap...

I have spent the last few days preparing my own attempt @ a viking beading furnance.
It's a great plan, well concieved. pitty my pottery skills fail to live up to the expectation.

As youc an see above the walls exploded and in the end it just failed to achieve the desired results. back to the drawign board for me.

it all starts with slabs of clay. in this case porcelin. it's all i had lying around in quantity. (but at $20 a bag i am being hella lazy to go get terrracotta)

I cut a block of clay into 3 strips then cut 1 strip in half. left it to dry for a week. the two smaller pieces should have been slightly more angled, but *shrug* i know NOW.

standing all the walls in place i then filled the gaps with the remains of some terracotta i had.


I then filled it with heat beads and tried to light the whoel thing...  tricky - this took more time than anything

(check those pants btw - $7.99 @ Savers - BARGIN)

once i had it vaguely lit i left it alone, untill i check it an hour later to discover:

heh heh heh

I had the technology, so i rebuilt it, and let it start again. this brings us back to the first image.

this looked much better untill it exploded hot bits everywhere ;)

oh well. i am thinking of using a terracotta pot turned upside down (and modified of course)
5th-Oct-2005 12:27 pm (UTC)
i certainly do
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