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gooddam stupid bees.

ok. i admit a defeat for the undefeatable me. grrrr.

After going to the beekeepers klublast thursday night i got all keen to 'do things properly' they mad eit sound fun. exciting. and really wild things.
far from it

the pain and irritation of 16 stings (3 across the back of my neck, 9 down my right arm, and the rest on my right foot) is a resounding 'i fucked up', and 'it isn't as easy as they said'.

i am hereby going back to doing things MY way and plodding along. i haven't EVER been stung this badly, nor have i had neighbours complain.

there's a story of woe and grief of going thru 5 boxes of bees, bt i choose not to tell it. it's sad and embarrasing, and after all the of the successes i HAVE been having *sigh*

anyway. be it knowne 'Their way' officially sucks big hairy (dog just licked) balls.
Tags: beekeeping, failure
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