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my workplace 
16th-Sep-2005 10:55 pm
hard to explain.

lasertag/video arcade. I see it alot. it's usually empty. when it fills it's standing room only. it's in frankston.

Here's the view from where i stand behind the counter. we change the machines around alot, so that we constantly don't stare at the same machine.

this next view is from the door looking in.
it was night when i took this, but the place usually has this blue overtone to it. in the 8 months i've worked there, this hasn't got to me, surprisingly enough.

we play lots of loud music, and currently i am forcing the others to listen to 'lounge classics' cause it annoys them, and i am the manager (and they seem to respect that. when one of them truely complains i will change the style ;)
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