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Been a busy week and a bit.

went to a beekeepers meetign and learnt all about 'artificial swarming'. sadly this is only to do with the queen bee's sexual activity so i lose again (and probably end up stung).

I have been franticly putting together hive boxes and frames, with wax sheeting ready to go for th ebees, and then the weather turned bad. so i doubt that i will egt to my bees in time, before they do swarm. oh well.

i haven geocaching heaps, but my geocaching buddy has recently had a pair of boobs smile at him, and he's gone all gaga and i've lost him to that sad state of puppy lust that only a 20 yr old male can understand. he'll be back when she works it out *grin*

and a pic of me at this mornings location GCPEYD (anyone interested in caching call 1-800-suiisoutandabout) and i'll bring you along. it's a fun game but so much the easier with 2 sets of eyes.

yes it's the point not to give away where i am, but most melbournians will be surprised to discover this is wattle park.

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