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Artists statement

for the entry application to monash art. I require an 'artists statement'. here 'tis (comments welcome):

I have little interest in art 'for arts sake'. Although I understand the occasional need for a stack of toilets, or a giant painted canvas of blue, I would prefer to attempt to create something lovely to use and/or hold. I feel a piece of 'art' should be able to be functional as well as be admired.


I want to attempt to fulfill this dream in the medium of glass by creating practical pieces that are able to withstand the irresistible urge to be touched and handled. Something small children do not have to be (overly) careful with, but still elegant enough to draw the eye of an adult.


I am motivated by the process as much as the end result, and look forward to being able to explore all the possibilities, with a more applied understanding, in this wonderfully tactile medium.

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