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bee keeping

checked my hives @ mum's house.

most of the stuph required. 2 beesuits, a spare box, pine needles (for smoker), smoker, spare frames. half fills miesje's boot space

Me all kitted up and ready to go. bees make me excited. did i mention i am allergic to them? hence the kitup.

lighting the smoker. i want lots of thick white cool smoke. have tried a variety of things to burn. pine needles work best

opening the 1st box proved interesting. there is WAY too much comb on top. i need to get some lino mats. to stop them from making the comb above the frames.

a close up of the comb built ontop. there is 2 frames of brood under here. LOTS of bees ready to go for the summer. they were nice and beehave also.

i got a sting :(

the faint purple dot on my lower ankle is the puncture wound. bee stings HURT. heh. this made my foot the size of my knee in 2 days. but went away in 4.

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