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the EXIT sign flashes with dodgey neon tube inside, and the quiet rumble of office voices fills the air.

My head is heavy and slow. i am tired. everythign seems frayed at the edges, and my fingers typing feel completely dislocated.

the aircondition smells dusted, and the whole office floor is another space, where i sit and ppl ignore me.

My mood is low and i can't seem to find the enthusiasm to pick it up again. How i even got into work this mornign is unknown. thank the lord for autopilot.

I left my wallet at home, so i can't even go and buy something to eat to pick myself up.

I miss my companion. She's left. it's sad how co dependant i am. but i am lonely. i like thinking for two ppl. it makes me feel good, but she's no longer here.

for the 1st time in my life i an alone. noone in m house at nights. no one in my car with me. no one talking on my phone.

it's quiet and sad.
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