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Hobby of the month
My crap
7th-Mar-2003 02:04 pm
Well GF took off yesterday.

She packed her car up to the gunwhales [where in hell's name does that word come from?!] and drove of finto the sunrise for Canberra.

CABERRA! who would want to go there? *I'M* here in melb.. *SIGH*

oh well. I ended up spendin gmy 1st evening alone in AGES. god i was bored. I sat round in my underpants and teeshirt watching Jerry springer tapes, and eating Microwave pizza and Microwave puddings.. huzzah! I am a winner...


the weekend promises to be exciting though. i gather the posse of ladz and we are cablling up my lounge room to play network games all weekend. monday is a public holiday [labour day] and i took tuesday off to do the final THC and Alcohol day.

I will go and refinance my morgage to on tuesday arvo.. so i can take von's name off the existing morgage and house title.

my life is SO exciting.

on a more interesting note i have some mpegs of the treb mentioned in previous posts, HERE. the 4.5 mb one is VCD quality and kinda kewl [i think]
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