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never leave me alone.

It all starts with a cow horn. scrounged in the time honoured way of, "you're not using it! GIMME!"

A simple cut using a normal saw. nothing fancy. horn is similar to fingrnail, but thinker.

I grabbed a bit of wood, and roughly rasped it into shape. Making sue it slots up into the horn nicely.

then with the wooden base fiited inside the horn, i drilled a hole in either side.

whilst i had drill in hand i drilled a hanging hole. i offset it so that the lantern will hang flat. i was too clevr by half here...

Taking two pieces of scrap waxsheeting, and some simple coton string (to all those who want braided string, no. I can't find any reference to it before the 17thC. *hangs head* god i am geek*) i made up a candle. I was going to do 2, but i thought a short fat cnadle might serve this lantern better.

The finished candle, beside the lantern. looks nicely sized.

All the bits (minus the metal hanging hook, so not ALL the bits) - MOst of the bits. - ALL the non metal bits!

below we can see the unlit front and back of the lantern


and then finally we see the lit versions of both. i had to add a metal hook, as the candle to hanging hole placement was erm.. well.. fucked.

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