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Hobby of the month
My crap
27th-Feb-2003 01:44 pm
In brewing mode again
Miesje and i bottled the candian blonde with the 'ice' beer muscle pack in it last last night, and put another on.. um.. a Larger.. i don't have much faith in the yeast to be honest.
The nut brown had a lacto bactqalic infection.. yup it was going sour like milk..
But the kewl thing was the discovery of a hidden cache of Mystry Beer
i went to get some bottles which had been loitering int he laundry.. that i thought were empty and i discovered they were all full!
i HAVE NO CLUE wot is in them [well i opened one, and it was beer of some sort] but it wa a bit of a surprise.. i hadn't know they were full ;)

The trebuchet worked a treat on the weekend.. here's alike to it firing http://www.will.net.au/treb/new/firing it's a 1.1mb mpg so d/l it and play it.

i think it's kewl anyway.

MIesje leaves next thursday it's going to be sad and quiet without her. the last 6mth have been so full and busy i can't believe that i never achieved anything before.. i will miss her. but it's not the end hopefully.

SCA ppl are gettign to me.. mostly i find them a pack of ingrained so and so's.. erg.
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