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month recap


January the 17th ? I know it was a friday. a lazy slow mornign that turned my world upside down, and atleast for the time being, a turn for the better. The last day of working for Getronics.
Getronics, 'The Man', all the comerialism and nasty evil ways that i have slowly began to blam all my less than hidden life angst upon. It's a good excuse and once people get to know you and you've talked at them long enough, you can blame more and more on. thus giving you the chance to follow that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, (again) - to become an Artist!
Getronics paid me out, told me to go, and head hung high i sallied forth into the greater void..  
Stopping only to pay; off a credit card that had accumulated a sizable travel expense ($15,000 is alot when one is suddenley faced with NO income); 4 months rent; and a few electonics toys, a job was hunted for. In the usuale computer network industry? no.  i went straight to the nearest arcade (video games) and offered my services. Turns out I interviewed well enough to get the Casual Shift Manager job. This promises to give 4-8 shifts a week which is average part time money.
Then there is artistry time. as proven by a previous post, there is a current bead factory going on. This pleases me no end, and on friday i purchased an upgraded burner. all the way from sunny usa, a Nortel Minor burner.. its not the best but it seems to be the staple 'upgrade' that glass bead makers are turning to. time tested, i choose the lowest entry price ;)
The gym has become an intergral part of my daily cycle. I either go or not ;) it is every second day, and i am lifting weights 2-3 times that from when i started going 2 mnths ago. the personal trainer is paying off big time. I ran a fun run the other night also.. i had hoped to do 4km in 25 minutes. i was thrilled to have nailed it in under 20! the goal and target have moved alot! I hope to (next week) atleast be able to maintain 19 minutes,
aside from that model trains have become hobby of the month, I have taken a heap of photos, which all i need is the time to upload.. and then put in lj.. and then check it all.. TOO MUCH.. i need another 3 hrs a day - and not to sleep!

{transmission ends}
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