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I sat down with the greatest intent to carefully weave ance produce the willow faceplate. all my materials ready - soaked willow, stripped and ready, a knife, some string.

i carefully cut to length and then slit 3 pieces of cane and threded the other 3 pieces through. this gave me a great starting cross.


i held it sperated all the parts and held them in a basic spade with some string, and began weaving. the smaller canes (2-3mm) quickly snapped and i lost patience with them. i moved onto the larger canes thinking to move out and not weave so tight.  this worked well for exactly one loop, and on the second i broke 2 of the orginal cross sticks.  continuing with the now somwhate nasty looking thing i broke another can section.


i retire defaeted by willow, looking for wicker in the pohone book. bugger.

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