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Hobby of the month
My crap
7th-Dec-2004 12:03 am
in follow on from beekeeping greatness, i did a touch of brewing this eve.

had a brief chat with Drake, and then dived headlong into it.

the evenging started thusly:

all the melted honey that was under the wax (in the carboard milk cartons) - which ended up being around 3 litres (4.5kg) of honey.

I then insisted on a foto - so u can all agree i am looking great.  - whilst i stirred and strained the boiling mass.

then there's the tipping it all into the fermenter part.

here's the table of stuff (i liked the foto)

the specifik gravity reading was taken - 1.1 exactly! hooray!

then along came the surprise ingredients into our meade - Blackberries, in yet another cunning little linen bag.  god bless linen.

the lid was then put on and it is cooling in the bathroom now. will put the yeast in, in the morning.

that is all.
8th-Dec-2004 12:08 am (UTC) - Recipe!

4.5 kg honey
1 kg dextrose
1 kg malt
500 gram blackberries
(1 crushed Vitamin B tablet)

stir (nerny nerny nerrr), boil, and ferment.

serve it forthe with gleeful merriment to the queen's gode owne table... yeah yeah.
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