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Bee wax suff

With an extraction over the weekend, i now have a bit of honey and wax product to play with.

!st howeever, is the fun, but messy part.

This is the mess that one starts with when you clean up the cappings cut from honey frames, wanting to turn them into blocks of wax. the point of this is not to get the honey involved (although that is earmarked for a meade type project), but the wax.

so the mess starts...

this is the box of mess, from the skep hive i have (note to self. take fotos of skep!), it is all the capping and stuff collected from the frames extracted from.

you plonk it all into a microwaveable container and then nuke the beejesus outa it. (the keener of you will note the nasty wounds inflicted by myself (to myself) lastweekend at the william marshal tourney. Yes i now seem tohave girlie hands. i amdealign with this, so should u.)

Here is the conical linen strainers i got made (sometimes chicks do rule) they worked really well.


the strainer inside a 1L milk carton. ready!

a semi melted wax and honey mix. there is a bit of water in here to help the process along. i melted the whoel lot till it was bubbling on its own, when removed from the microwave (-is it truly only me tha doesn't trust these machines?)

Pour it all in. you can see how runny it is.

it fills up pretty quickly, and u can almost see the layers forming in the strainer.

here u can see the layers in that occur when straining. the clearer part seen through the linen is honey, and the dark band is bee bodies and pollen gunk.
In the background is anotherone straining just honey, i wanted to see it work.

will post the blocks of wax later. when they are finished. huzzah!

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