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My crap
6th-Dec-2004 10:55 pm

A pool report won't go astray right now.

The pool has been happily used for nearly 2 weekends. which is great.  I have done very little to it, including the filtering. this is because the waterlevel is very low again, and as previously (on E.R.) noted, I am awaitin git to rain.Thgere was an truly impressive thunderstorm over melbourne tonight, but did it rain intop MY pool?


This is sad for a variety of reason, most notably that absence of water toppin gup my pool allowing me to complete my summer ambition of achieving a sparkingly oasis in the middle of suburbia. ahhh how workign class of me. it would be simply unaustralian to let this pool fall into disrepair! (before winter sets in, anyway ;)

So without further bablling on, time wasting, and general rabbit - which causes, as we all know, a certain tendancy to wafflle - let me present to your good selves, 'the pool' :


6th-Dec-2004 03:59 am (UTC)
the truly impressive thunderstorm didn't rain into your pool because it was directing all its raindrops with violent force into von's fire pit, and latterly, my head.

just so you know.
6th-Dec-2004 10:02 pm (UTC)
*shrug* that'll learn you to have fun without me. *smirk*
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