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A pool report won't go astray right now.

The pool has been happily used for nearly 2 weekends. which is great.  I have done very little to it, including the filtering. this is because the waterlevel is very low again, and as previously (on E.R.) noted, I am awaitin git to rain.Thgere was an truly impressive thunderstorm over melbourne tonight, but did it rain intop MY pool?


This is sad for a variety of reason, most notably that absence of water toppin gup my pool allowing me to complete my summer ambition of achieving a sparkingly oasis in the middle of suburbia. ahhh how workign class of me. it would be simply unaustralian to let this pool fall into disrepair! (before winter sets in, anyway ;)

So without further bablling on, time wasting, and general rabbit - which causes, as we all know, a certain tendancy to wafflle - let me present to your good selves, 'the pool' :


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