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My crap
4th-Dec-2004 12:42 am

"i've made a stool"

heh heh heh ..  *sigh*

With an olde (badly oilstained) plank i scrounged I have lovingly hand crafted this fine work out art.


A simple but funtional stool. Used for sitting, or standing upon to get a height advantage in some cases.

As per examples I saw at Bayleaf Cottage (footnote 1) & Viking examples (footnote 2)and other sources (footnote 3) I made mine with 3 legs. This leads to greater stability on a varity of surfaces and slopes, and is easier to make and carry (than 4 legs).

The base is a thick olde plank that i had lying around, it is of an unknown wood source, the wood being the prime material for chair examples (footnote 4).

The legs are pieces of plum branch that came from my garden (Footnote 5), and are filed at one end to fit into the holes (footnote 6). The plum branches where chosen because i did not have access to a lathe (footnote 3) and they are already round. (plus I had to cut them down anyway).

This has been used as an excellent arming stool for my SCA combat, as it packs down into my armour bag easily. It is a somewhat heavy piece of plank, which i would change next time, as you can have solid timber without having to resort to having such weight. It would also look more astheitcally pleasing. As stated in footnotes the the plum branch legs were shaped when wet, and although at the time fit snugly, have since dried out and shrunk in diameter (footnote 7), making the legs from dried timber would remove this effect and help with perminant leg fitting.

here starteth the pics:

the stool

all the bits required

markign the hole places

drilled out holes

starting on the leg

filed down end, ready to insert

take off a bit

all three legs fitted

Ta DA!


1) Weald and downland Museum
2) the "Lund" viking stool : http://www.angelfire.com/wy/svenskildbiter/viking/vikingstool.html
3) http://www.his.com/~tom/sca/lathes.html
4) i refuse to give examples of wooden chairs. YOU prove to me they made it from something other! *sigh* - http://char.txa.cornell.edu/media/wood/wood.htm
5) http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/wood.htm
6) At the time the wood was still 'Wet' or freshly cut, and fitted the holes snugly. since then the wood have dried out and shrunk in diameter dramatically. poles that once fit now no longer fit so snugly

3rd-Dec-2004 05:55 am (UTC)
your colorectal physician will be very pleased with your well-formed stool.

3rd-Dec-2004 05:57 am (UTC)
no, really, it is a lovely stool.

how about i commission you to make a whole set for my backyard? will they withstand the rigours of Stool Wars? (my friends + substance abuse = breaking things, including furniture)
3rd-Dec-2004 06:38 pm (UTC)
I am impressed.

*looks impressed*

My household is full of stools.


but they mostly have four legs, the bench style ones anyway. And the legs tend to fall out which makes for great slapstick but not always when you want it to.

3rd-Dec-2004 07:10 pm (UTC)
BTW, that link's not working.
7th-Dec-2004 05:11 am (UTC)
yeah seems like. *shrug* i have a fotocopy ...
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