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a ray of silver light!

today i discoveed in the mail, 3 photocopies of 15 century beekeeping manuals:

"The ordering of Bees : Or, The trve history of managing them Grom time to time, with their hony and waxe, Fhewing their nature and Breed." (sweet) "by the late unparalell'd experience of JOHN LEVETT, Gent. (1634) 

"A profitable instruction of the prefect ordering of bees, with the marveilous nature, property, and gouernement of them : and the neceffary ufes, both of their hony and waxe, diuerfly, as well as inward and outward caufes: gathered out of the beft writers." (yup! :) by "Thomas Hill Londoner"  (1608)
 - wahoo

"A TreatiFe concerninging the right Vfe and ordering of Bees : Newlie made and fetforth, according to the Authors owne experience: (which by any heretofore hath not been done.)" (Awesome! :)  "By Edmund Southerne Gent.  (1593)
 - HAHAHA he is apparently 'Better late than never'

I am prepared to have faith that not only can a library system be useful, it's also accessable. - and the postal system! well. not only has all my stuff arrived from england, but these book copies came today. 

BUt enough of that rant, we have bee books to read.
away with me. i am a bee. who needs to wee, with glee. for free, no fee. b. me. he. she. plea.  (yeah freestylin')

{transmission ends}

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