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Hobby of the month
My crap
24th-Nov-2004 03:51 pm

2 weeks befoer the big fighting event that i have been practicing for, i have sliced my hand to ribbons.

erg. last time i clean up!

i had broken a mirror (that has lasted nearly 4 moves!) and was pickin gup the bits. that was ok. it was when i was sweeping the area, that i brused by the box holding all the jagged edges, and i have sliced the webbing between my little finger and ring finger, and a large chuck out of my left thumb knuckle.

bugger bugger bugger.

u guys generally complain when i put pics up.. but you knwo they are coming.

ALSO - to add insult to injury, this ruins the lovely pattern i had going on my calendar  *grump*
23rd-Nov-2004 09:51 pm (UTC) - D'OH!
well, it has been a while since you last sliced your hands, hasn't it...

want some pethidine?
probably not necessary, but good times...

and how does it ruin your calendar?
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