sui (sui_001) wrote,

pig pit

fantastic success!

got the fire going approx 4.30pm friday night
it started raining when it got dark, and didn't stop.

There was an official total of 51mm of rain at drouin on friday night. highest recorded in the state. i can not believe we camped in it!

but the fire got checked every hour throughout the night and so was in excellent codition for the pig the next morning.
6.30am we prepped the pig - stuffing the cavity with 3 chickens (large) and rosemary.
it was then wrapped in 2m lengths of wet cloth,, tightly.
a layer of wet hay approx 2 inchs thinck was then bound in place with more layers of cloth (6).
this whole dripping bundle was then laid carefully above the coal bed, tin sheeting was placed ove the hole, and it was covered again by a good 12 inches of clay.
8.30am - 5.30pm was cooking time.
the pig came out easily (after carefully digging out), the outer layer of fabric only warm to the touch. but steamed heavily once the layer of hay was reached.
when the final layer came off, the pigs meat fell away from the leg bones, and proved to be still very moist, well cooked, and had more than a good hint of rosemary.
there was approximately 20 adults fed, along with a dish they had brought, and a curry the following morning.

good job all!

lotsa foto here

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