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1st one

I've started this for a number of reasons.

Mostly i log stuff @ but of late i've wanted more 'i fear ate to much liquorice' type comments without the fear of 'reprisals' such as downvoting..

*sigh* So there you have it.

today is bright, and i have just come back from a weeks leave, where is did nothing. i think i needed it as the world was getting very 'narrow' and i had noticed that i found the dges of that tunnel 'dark' so i sat at my new pc for 3 days and played diablo II non stop. i ignored my girlfriend, and didn't tidy up the house. i generally felt better.. a good thing (TM)

but work sucks the fat one. it's pissing me off.. even though i do _nothing_ perhaps that's y it pisses me off.. NOT enough to do anything though! heaven forbid!

i am meeting GF for lunch. should be kewl. i like her and she seems to display the same emotion back. she kinda stresses me though, she is meant to be going to live with her mum for a bit in another state, but it keeps getting put off - not that i mind that - but she moved in to my house and everything in the house is in a half state because of her 'nearly left' status..


not her fault though. her mum is unsure as to HER plans which in turn filters down..
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