sui (sui_001) wrote,

event notice

Good Gentle's All,

Quick note: after the weekend's wetness, there is a slight possiblity of further
rain, and generally sodden conditions.

"SO?" i hear u all cry??
"exactly!!" i reply.

- there will be some shelter if rainy, in the form of a magical fabric, found on
my travels (but only if rainy, or overly sunny..hang on).

There will be shelter. for a few.

it may be muddy in patches also, so please come prepared.

There will be some children's entertainment (no i haven't _planned_ for the kids
to mudfight) whilst the pig is cooking, so please bring projects and ideas, to
otherwise amuse and enjoy around a campfire, in the company of other like
minded indivuals.

updates will be forthcoming

- remember

 FRIDAY afternoon - wood gathering (if not already done)
                  - firelighting
                  - setup camps welcome

 FRIDAY night     - revelry around 2 roaring fires
                  - final pig prep

 EARLY SATURDAY   - pig in pit

 SATURDAY - REVELRY around a steaming mound ...

 SATURDAY late afternoon  - pig out (BOOM BOOM)
                          - potluck feast

SUNDAY - revelry around a pig carcass
       - pack up
       - hometime

please feel free to drop down anytime during the proceedings, as there is a
special day rate GOING NOW! (email for further details :)

Event details below - please forward around!

Ld Sui
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