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Hobby of the month
My crap
2nd-Feb-2004 12:34 pm
Selling my home. it's listed on the market.

I could potentially have a quarter of a million dollars.

plans - a) buy a new home in the 'burbs
b) take the money and go OS till the money runs out.

b) is winning
2nd-Feb-2004 01:45 am (UTC)
what you need to do, good sir, is come to canada for awhile, eh.
get some pea soup and bacon while you're here, and experience some -59 cel. weather. {actually it was only -33 today but yah..}
18th-Feb-2004 01:15 pm (UTC) - Or...
The International Network of Spies reports:
You could buy a few acres in a semi-rural area close to a major centre, and build your dream passive solar, energy efficient, hippie-attracting piece of rammed-earth goodness. Next a quick shopping trip to stock up on hemp and tie-dye t-shirts, sarongs and Japanese flute inspired New Age music cd's (compact discs, not cross dressers), and finally eschew meat products all together and start raising organic produce (much better than that inorganic crap, I tell you. There's a good reason life is carbon based - you can then eat it).
18th-Feb-2004 08:56 pm (UTC) - Re: Or...
Ant1 ?
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