August 11th, 2009

a walk with sui

 the term 'life blogger' has come into my blogospheric lifeness. here's my camera on 1m interval timer. i walked my usual pace. it's 1°c. _freezing_

if i cared i'd bother to make a google maps walkthru, but this is so much more fun. 
  does google maps do bikepaths?
  or dirt paths? ha! in your face googlemaps.
  some of these perspectives are cool.
  anu looms large
  inside and thru the building. in the building on the left
  my desk. woot. another day. go.

week 4, day 2. blow attempt 2

 in this rare photo opporunity, i unmask to revel my manly planning skills. yuko is doing a grad dip. hooray! continue at 30 second intervals.
 so it all starts with a gather from the furnace. it's funny how i turn my ankle up.
 then a marver. awesome.
 blow and cap to pop the bubble.  who wouldn't roll up their pants in this environ?
 a quick cool of the buble
 a second gather, then block.
 blow out the bubble a bit more.
 there's a number of pics missing here. then back into it. i got this _really hot_ and let it fall into the mold.
 yuko slammed the wood back closed and i blew. hooray smoke.
 i came out of the mold, the smokey cloud of steam from the mold is funny.
 and here's the result. woot.
 strangly i thought it was a bit crisper than this. i guess we'll see in another 2 days. i take the 1st out 2moz morn. a little excited to see the results.
 this pic is from anopther set. i've included it, cause the solid flame blasting into the glass is funny.