January 10th, 2008


vineyard work

http://will.net.au/lj/2008/jan/10/bush.jpg  SO my day entails:

walk up to plant
remove all growth except 1 vine and a few leaves
wrap around blue string
walk to next plant ...

it's fun but currently HOT. really hot.
SO they go from the above pic to this one here (yes they're the same plant) takes about 8 mins to do each one. there's meant to be 120 per row.. i'm doing 1 row an hr. it's hot. 33ºC
tomorrow i'll take more fotos of the fascinating wolrd of buds, and grafts. if you're lucky
below are random scenes i've begun ignoring...
 http://will.net.au/lj/2008/jan/10/scenery.jpg http://will.net.au/lj/2008/jan/10/scenery2.jpg