May 5th, 2006

dac round up

Been a bit of a while since some finished works have been put up. 

another round up on a friday.

  this little gem is what all potters appartently get up to sooner or later. i swooshed (yep technical term) my hand into the bottom of the glaze cleaning up sink. i wacked my handprint onto the outside of bisqued pot i had lying around. this was then stuck into a reduction firing. the results are noticable. i have since put a coat of clear glaze and bunged it into an oxidation firing - to see what happens...  
to the right and below gives us another stirling example of an exciting fridays class. Egyptian Paste.
glazes having being discovered from the leeching salt from the dried pottery, which when fired gives us pretty blues and greens.
we spent most of the lesson making up this 'paste' which we've then fashioned into a number of kewl little critters. if i'd had more time they might've been better but the formulae was reasonably simple so i expect to revisit this little guy futher down the line. might be fun to intergrate with other beads. i must pull out all the pics of the figures i took at the ashmolean museum.

 finally below, these are the pics of my coiled pot that had to be well constructed but show the construction method. these are the coiled extrusions i made up then smoothed on the inside. i have sedged about 3 types of clays together and this i might only earthernware fire this guy. i am unsre to the glzing technique to be used. it may well just simply end up as is. the rest of the class likes this pot. i think it's hideous. once it's finished i will take a foto of it on my head, cause i think the petshop boys would be proud of it.