sui (sui_001) wrote,

We are go-carting through work today. this seems to be the 2nd best thing that has happened for an xmas christmas party [work]
i am completely stunned.

Hopefully i get my bike back later this week. i do miss it.

also i am resolved to be less of a cynical, depressive fuck. they'll still be traits, but i want to shrug them off, and be happier. hooray me :)

the last week has been eye opening for myself, and i have noticed the way the world works. i think my cynicism has kept me blind all these years. I hope this will unlock all the those people [and their actions] that i just failed to understand.

Somoe one mentioned to me that i will just get bitter that i will think "no on else 'gets it' ", but i don't think so. i existed for my life till now, and have had social interaction, i can't see why i should harbour any angst if someone else fails to 'get it' - as if i do anyway....


i think you do warby.
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