sui (sui_001) wrote,

belco art submission

"S35°14.08  E149 04.094"
flameworked and waterjet cut glass489mm x 387mm x10 mm

there's an artist blurb. but i hate it.

(edit: included below blurb)

I have created an artwork which represents a journey along the shore of Lake Ginninderra.

While representing the lakes edge I have also demonstrated the technological edge of our everyday lives with the advancement and commercial availability of smaller and more integrated digital devices, in this case my iPhone.

Using my iPhone's GPS function I draw a virtual path as I move across the landscape. This route is then uploaded to the internet, and using social networking media I engage others by sharing my explored world as as interactive experience.

Normally this experience would occur in a screen based world, however I am transforming a similar material (glass) to create a physical object. I have flame worked rods of scientific glass into a minimalist representation of the journey.

The sense of a contemporary experience is further evoked by utilising precision CAD and water-jet cutting technologies to create an over-scale iPhone poised on edge. The viewers eye is then drawn from the peripheral clear frame to the central inset panel of coloured lines. This image is focussed on the Belconnen Arts Centre where my journey, progressive technology, social networking and artistic life intersect.

Tags: art, glass
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