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freight arrived

and who is surprised it got stacked, and one box is upside down?

my instalation is going slowly. spent 2 days pretty much doing nothing, the timing is so out of control - the sight 'co-ordinator' heh. my freight arrived all good and well, which i was pretty worried about, now it's just a matter of getting it in place.

eventually my offsider and i just went for it, buggerthe sight 'co-ordinator', and got the bottom 1/4 of both forms in place yesterday afternoon.

unsurprisingly today is a pubic hol here, so noone is working.. sigh.. i arranged access with the gaurd anyway and we plan to finisht he organic form install, then head off to the dragon boat races.  hooray

it a balmy 28-30c and hasn't dropped below 90% humidity. it's pure nasty. makes singapore feel like a walk in the park.

the food is mostly seafood, and we havent really found a good place to eat yet. which has taken us both by surprise. it's pretty crap.

erm. still have a cough, but am pooping regular. hurrah.
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