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welcome back to the grumble diary of me.


since last post:

Sat had daughter Jorgia, good day, i took her to get peirced ;) both ears, at age 6 and 3 months ;)
it was pretty funny. they put dots on her ears, and two girls [when did these chicks get so young???] stood on either side of her, one gun per girl per ear... they looked at Jorgia and said "ok on the count of 3! ready?" she noded complience, and the girls went, "one... two" BANG! heh heh heh
poor jorgia was more frightened than she knew they scared her to the bejesus... poor kid it was pretty funny though... :)

Sunday did some fighting. did ok.. that morning i had started on my new trebuchet. it's going to be 1.5m at the pivot, and outa rough cut hardwood. it'll look good, and hopefully go far.
spoke to Honey for the 1st time in ages.

monday night Gib and Beth came over. we watched full metal challenge. it's a kewl show, and we get a laugh outa it.. henry rollins is funny...
did some more trebchet work.

last night..
workin on the treb.. using the bench saw
ow! FUCK!
i destroyed the end of my pointer finger.

i took myself off to casualty and spent a few hours there, bleeding on their floor. they bandaged my finger and sent me home. took 2 neurophens and went to bed..

today my finger hurts and it frickin annoying to type with but. yeah it needs to get done..;)
there goes my fightijng career.. ;(
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