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speding frenzy

and in downtown Melbourne today, Sui went nuts and made a few shop assistants
day - crossing live to our correspondent in Jaycar Electrical:

Live reporter: "yes, Bob, Sui has just left here, and wow! the smiling face of
this young shop assistant is unbelievable. Tell me young man, wot transpired"

Shop Assistant: "well.. this guy comes in, and looks at the CCf's - the cold
cathode tubes, and i wandered over and asked if he needed help. Turns out he's
totally putting them inside his 'bike! how cool is that! So he grabs 3 of the
100mm Blue tubes and then he asked after remote controls.. I showed him our
range, and he decided on the single trigger, locking on/off remote switch. his
idea is GREAT! on external switches, he has full control over the lights - at
any stage, even whilst riding! that guy, he's a thinker... i mean he only spent
$60 on lights, and he could get a HUGE fine, but with the ease that he can turn
them on and off from a keychain remote, wow.. CLEVER! - I'm thinking of doing
the same thing now..I might,"

Live reporter, cutting in, hold hand to ear-piece, "Bob, i believe our other
reporter has arrived at Peter Stevens, where Sui has just left - "

BOB : "we are now cutting LIVE - in case u have just tuned in, Sui is
spending ..."

Reporter 2: "yes Bob, I am here at Peter Stevens, where it turns out this
cunning and discerning shopper has just left after purchasing a number of new
and exciting items. We have THIS assistant here now, Bob. Tell me about your
experience please..."

Assistant: "Well, this guy was standing looking at books,, and he had that air
of, 'I'd like to be served' so over i wander. he knew wot boots he wanted, and
the size. I like a customer who knows wot they want. it makes it So much
easier, anyway. he tried on the boots i got him and was looking at them, when i
mentioned that it was a good day to buy, as we had 15% off everything today. he
got a calculating looking in his eye and said 'yup these will do!' and handed
me the all leather, gortex lined AX's he was holding. 'gloves please!' so again
we wandered over to the gloves section and he told me what he had and wot he
wanted. we tried on a few pairs and he again decided fairly quickly and easily.
I thought that was it, but he said, '15% off, eh?' i agreed and he looked
around then said, 'where are the helmets?' we went downstairs to the helmets,
and this time he took a bit longer. eventually we found an all black one he
liked, in a brand he liked, that fit his head nicely. he choose a gold iridium
visor and we took his purchases to the counter. he's incredible - once there he
happily flirted with Justine, even though she was wearing a wedding ring, but i
think he was just making her day. she smiled sweetly but i could tell she
wasn't in the mood. when we gave him the final price - subtracting the 15% he
rounded the figure down to the nearest $5 .. we [Justine and i] looked at him
shook our heads.. he just looked at us and said, 'go on...' and stood there..
well we accepted his deal, and he paid and left. incredible"

reporter 2" "well there u have it Bob.. i wonder what amazing thing will come
next !?! back to you"
Bob: "well there you have it folks. stand by for more tales of Shopping Sui. we
now return you to your regularly scheduled afternoon..."

woah. i spend over $1K today ;)
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