sui (sui_001) wrote,

wallet adventure


so 6 hours after i lost my wallet my phone rings. some strange guy is speaking chinese calls my phone. it was 11:30 and i was some place eating food. i passed my phone to the waitress, and she started talking away.

i suddenely realise it was my wallet!

SO. we arrange to meet the guy "at the head of the bridge, near the broken road" (close to where i had suspected i had lost the wallet)

B.Jane and i head out hire 2 motor cycles taxi dudes (the ititial source of my woe, truth to be told.) and drive into the night.

we hang at the wrong side of the bridge for a bit, then the guys call and tells us we're on the wrong side of the river (this is via the taxi guys).

the guy is standing on the other side of the road, and i jump off the bike, and he hands to me. i quickly flick through and it's all there! awesome. i flick the guy a 100, do a quick video re-enactment and then dive back into the night with the motorbike taxi guys.

gave the taxi guys a bonus. everyone's happy!

dont think i want to hear that china is scary. eva.
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