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gone is my summer 
6th-May-2003 05:52 pm
when she entered my world, i was amazed. i didn't notice the soft filter lens click over my vision, so i don't know when it started, but the days were longer and the nights shorter. we hardly slept and when we did, she was as close to me as i could make her. i enjoyed never being more than 4 feet from her, and would have followed her to the ends of the earth. The summer was hot and hazy.
She made me feel good, and right. the world was whole again, and i felt happy.

when she left the days shortened. winter set in and it got colder. the ache in my should cried for the central heating to be turned up and i retreated from everyone that i called friend.

when i though t that it might be permanent my core turned to ice and i felt numb. she required space, and i didn't know how to be selfish and say no. i was civil and polite and acquiesced without complaint. my vision returned with a clarity that startled me and my inner voice immediately assumed that, 'this is the end of the fairy tale' - which finally brought the sadness that i first should have felt.

i was surprised that a nice guy might ever see summer again.
5th-Nov-2004 03:59 am (UTC) - just so u know.
i found summer again.

i await the next change of season, and hope that it's passing won't hurt quiet so much.
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