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annealing run no. 3 
24th-Dec-2009 05:17 pm

so i have some pics of super large anneal kiln. china style

this is the 2m x 5m kiln. guy caught in the crn fixing an element. needless to say it's huge. it barely gets to 500c tho.. and takes a while to get there. *shug* again i controlled it by turning on element by element (and off again as needed)

so the same kiln with 50 of our glass pieces in. all ready to fire

i am video(ing) everything i do, so dfar i've taken 9 tapes. which doesn't seem, that much but when i make you sit down and watch it all in one sitting you'd wished it was the 3 lord of the rings movies (and we all know how i feel about those attrocities against mankind). ANYWAY my tibute to survivorman

i sneaked a pic of the head supervisor guys notes. they're pretty cool. i am reasonably sure they hold all the oriental secrets i think they have. please if you can translate them and i'm wrong. don't shatter my illusions.

here's the room we call 'the space'. we have laid everything out and repacked it in this room. it seems to be pretty central to everything, and the keys are in my pocket as i type this. it's pretty cool and i would like something like this back in canberra. you can see the resin panels all laid out (20hrs of arranging!) and ready to go back to the resin guy to glue together. i bet he screws it up. erg. you can also see batches of the hot glass dragon scales laying around. these are the 2nds.

another pic of The Space. back right hand crn is the stinky non flushing squat toilet i have avoided using (except to pee in) it's nasty and frankly my soft western values just plain won't let me void myself there. ewwww. i wait to get back to the hotel.

FINALLY the picture we've all been waiting for. best truck ever. i recon these guys replaced the horse and cart in this counrtry. they seem to be able to go everywhere, have all the clutch, accelerator and brake on the handles. it's so old skool. engine, wheels, go. awesome.
these guys wouldn't let me drive it, but i got a ride ;) hooray!

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