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My crap
19th-Dec-2009 11:08 am
hey all.

i am having massive phone issues and will be getting a new number. if you have been trying, keep doing so, but i will post it the moment i get a new sim.

20th-Dec-2009 04:22 am (UTC) - Phone Trouble
The International Network of Spies reports:
hey Sui , I am having massive phone troubles this end trying to get thru- I was beginning to think it was my dinosaur brain not being able to cope with new technology (like changing a sim card in my mobile) so reasured to hear its an issue at your end.
I hope it's resolved soo as I do want to say G'day.
catch ya soon
20th-Dec-2009 11:48 pm (UTC) - How much does a tray of mango's cost?
The International Network of Spies reports:
It was great to talk to you last night, and to work out the actual number to dial. Now all this dinasaur has to do is work out how to unlock the "other networks block" on my phone to allow Lebara network to operate and away we'll go with 3 cents per minute chat. Wahoo!
I didn't get a chance last night to relate my tale of a tray of mangos, so here we go.
On saturday I was shopping for fruit and veges at our local market. Mangos were on sale for $10 for a tray of 11 friut. They were beautiful big luscious mangos - and I love mango, so I made an executive decision and bought a tray. I took them home all excited to be asked "What are you going to do with all those mangos?" "Easy" i said - "I'll cut them uop and stick them in the freezer".
"Not this week you won't. You know we only have a small fridge, and we need all the space to prepare for Christmas. There is only one solution - Buy a new, bigger fridge. We can move the existing one to the garage for extra storage." So off we went to Harvet Norman and checked out prices of new stainless steel, upside down fridges. We went back on Sunday to do the deal after checking it would fit in the kitchen.
So a chaep tray of mangos ended up becoming a very expensive impulse purchase. Still, I will have lots of frozen mango in the freezer in the garage and I might be able to find space for a cold drink.
catch up soon dad
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