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copper foil production factory 
17th-Dec-2009 10:15 am
So. the task before me today. one of the four pieces of art being produced by B.Jane Cowie (whom i am working for/with) is a _12m_ leaded glass dome. it's MASSIVE. there are 9 rings of 32 panels in each ring. each panel has ~255 pieces of glass leaded into it. (a grand total of 73,440 pieces of glass (and mirror)!) these all get placed into a supporting metal dome, and wired in. 9m in the air.
i wish i had the ability to put pictures up, to convey the sense of the actual process for you. sigh.

ANYWAY i'm standing around (laughing and joking with the employees (as i do)) and generally supervising the process. hence why i get to check email. hooray!

the past two days they have been working flat out and have completed the inner two rings (numbered 9 & 8) they managed to reverse the numbering on row 7 yesterday, but it was spotted pretty quickly - the quality control guy earned his wage! they have moved onto cutting rows 6 & 5, where the glass pieces and panels get larger and look more impressive.
oh hang on the boss here just walklked in with a usb card reader!

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