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dear facebook users 
15th-Dec-2009 01:03 pm
to those of you sending me facebook emails - i can't seem to get into facebook. someone here told me it is blocked in china in general.. *shrug*

the upshot is that i can't reply or post - only via LJ. email me directly - sui@will.net.au i should be able to answer that!

So to those that need to know, my chinese number is +13824067426 - please call. apparently in Oz you can buy a calling card for (au)$20 which gives 3000 minutes (from safeway/woolworths no less). hooray! i'd call you but it's hella expensive. china time is 3 hours behind australia, but don't worry - call now you can hear china live! ;)

As always miesje is pretty up-to-date with my movements and stuff. call her.

Aldric - IF you read this, call me about new year i need to book tickets and stuff.
16th-Dec-2009 07:12 am (UTC)
i'm in "jiangmen, guangdong" they assure me it's a village... but christ, it's bigger than all canberra!

heh ;)

i'm told beijing is a 20 hr drive north... unlikely to get there.. ;(
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