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dear facebook users 
15th-Dec-2009 01:03 pm
to those of you sending me facebook emails - i can't seem to get into facebook. someone here told me it is blocked in china in general.. *shrug*

the upshot is that i can't reply or post - only via LJ. email me directly - sui@will.net.au i should be able to answer that!

So to those that need to know, my chinese number is +13824067426 - please call. apparently in Oz you can buy a calling card for (au)$20 which gives 3000 minutes (from safeway/woolworths no less). hooray! i'd call you but it's hella expensive. china time is 3 hours behind australia, but don't worry - call now you can hear china live! ;)

As always miesje is pretty up-to-date with my movements and stuff. call her.

Aldric - IF you read this, call me about new year i need to book tickets and stuff.
16th-Dec-2009 01:40 am (UTC)
Yep, facebook is definately blocked here. You can use a proxy server or get a VPN in order to access it, but most people have trouble even accessing those. Honestly, I'm quite surprised you can even get into LJ, it's usually blocked too as are most blogs (I had some luck with my VPN, so it's constantly switched on so I can see everything).

Where in China are you? We're in Beijing.
16th-Dec-2009 07:12 am (UTC)
i'm in "jiangmen, guangdong" they assure me it's a village... but christ, it's bigger than all canberra!

heh ;)

i'm told beijing is a 20 hr drive north... unlikely to get there.. ;(
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