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Hobby of the month
My crap
final piece. "product" 
2nd-Nov-2009 07:21 pm
Mr Plan.
google sketchup.
a few hours.
exported as some weird filetype.
  mr waterjet.
this is a cnc aquajet cutter. it will cut ANYTHING up to 100mm.
Mr part a.
something something something
 Mr Control Panel.
cool and startrek worthy.
i'll prime it's directive.
 mr part b.
waterjet avi.
53mb. some of you balk at this, but you'll be richly rewarded if you don't give in to your fears.


 mr look this side.
check out that moludroom. oh yeah.
this is the ONLY flat space in the workshop atm. heh heh heh it's kinda funny.
 mr look the other side.
nearly invisible above, white and shiny here
go back wednesday to make it bigger...
2nd-Nov-2009 09:17 am (UTC)
Oh man, I wanna play with Mr Control Panel.
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