sui (sui_001) wrote,

erg. spring.

 so in the last month. more rain than the last year. then it got hot. the grass grew. normally i'd leave it to die back, enjoying the ebb and flow of life. the return of nature to the burbs.  
  the neighbours said something. sigh. i boke 1 lawn mower dealing with this ebb..
 the front nature strip was nature-y. wait deep lush long stemmed grasses native to canberra...

i used it as a canvas to mower minimal art. i drove the mower forward at a (fast) constant rate till it stalled.

pretty cool.
  this is the beast that made it. i'd like to thank briggs and scragg for their fine engineering. i'd like to think nature for providing the word, and i'd like to thank some random art ppl for doing something arty.
the owner of the lawnermower whom i borrowed you from and the owner of the van i borrowed to move you, you shall remain unsung heros of this epic battle. 

Tags: grass, lawn, mower, nature, outside
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