sui (sui_001) wrote,

mold room.

 you can tell it's a wednesday. i'm in the moldroom, and it's sunny outside. arg. i'm thankful the cold has left.

the black cutout is mine. the pool of white plaster is what's happening. where it's at. contemporary.
  it's, like totally hardcore in our workshop. safety glasses and breatherthingos are all the rage. i try to cover my ears (at the minimum to hide from everyone else)
 so this cardboard template has been: printed in paper; laminated onto board; cut out; spray painted (to seal); had clay laid on it; stuck down to the table. yeah.  
  finally i tipped plaster on it. you can see i've turned over the smaller one.

the plan is to slump cane into the grooves..
stay tuned.
Tags: car, mold making, plaster, template
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