sui (sui_001) wrote,

grad work.

 ok. christ i'm shitting myself.
in the last week i've: made a paper model, took a plaster cast. took a slip cast (ceramic). fired the ceramic, sanded it back to awesome sharp edges. made another 2 part mold.. from the 2 mold pieces took casts of the mold piece. made negative waxes. invetested them. heated them up to 570c. enter these pics...
  gathered a bubble. opened the end. heated up cane (that i've also made). picked the cane up on the end of the cone (from the pipe)
 gathered over the pick up. 
  blew it out a little, shaped it.
 mould out of the kiln, blew into it. Yuko(san) paddled the top down. 
note the firm thumbing action to maintain the pressure within the bubble
 erm, gently tap it away from the mold. 
 more pics once they come out.  below, some candid images i'd normally leave out...
Tags: glass, hot shop, mold
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