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  this is boro tubing (pyrex glass) very stiff, very short. i blew the tubing into a mold. and then bend the frame work around it.
 the review table. this is all the mansized blown objects. hooray. these aren't going down with the crowd so well. 
  then along comes flameworking. so i attempted to 3d represent my drawings. worked, but looks ugly.
 so we move to what i'm thinking about the most. this concept of having items 'on the sprue' like the plastic molding process for models and stuff. if i make the sprue from fancy twisty cane, i think i'm drawing attention to the manufactoring process (as a metaphore to all those hidden processes that makeup the world around us)  hooray. i guess. 
Tags: cane, car, mold, review, sprue
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