sui (sui_001) wrote,

week 6. type iv

  the origanl model paper foldout and model. this is print on a0. it's large. the nodel is 22cm in length.

i made (ugly) silcon rubber molds, and then plaster model, then plaster blowmolds. it's been labour intensive.  
 hooray. 8 days after printing it out, bonding it to 5mm boxboard, spakfilling, sanding, painting, moldmaking, and then glass blowing i get this.

top view
  side view (i'm pleased with it)
 underneath. i think it needs work, but will do for the may need a drive shaft part thingo. 
  this is a gratuitous pic of my awesome forarm.  and 2 gathers of glass. and a block. it is infact, me blocking the gathered glass. checkout that arm tho. so hot. so i'm clearly happy with my ankles and forams. can i trade them for nice teeth? (a flatter tummy would be so wasted on me)
Tags: car, glass, mold
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