sui (sui_001) wrote,

and the paper model gave me this...

 start with a bubble.

 get the mold in place.


 2nd gather. block it pretty. even heat.

 assistant helps set up. This is G.F.U.N.K. bustin rhyms is the style he rolls to. oldskool.

 a rare and interesting flex going on. i musta been mid return when this click took place. i let it stretch about a foot, then reheated.

 it was pretty hot when it went in. hoory. blew medium hard.

 i had a bit of a wiggle to come out. G.F.U.N.K thought it hilarous.word.

 from the side it's a pretty good profile. if i do say so myself. (the images are clickable. who knew)

 and from the top is shows a pretty good it's really got some of the angles i was hoping for. hooray.

 so from design to cardboard, into laytex, into plaster, into glass. woah. there's a journey that a bunch of bloody shit hobits have never undertaken and been teary eyed over. god i hate hobbits. and golem. and buffy. but futurists are hot.

Tags: blowing, hot glass, mass production, mold
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